10 Life-Changing Motivational Quotes in Urdu

In this article by Urduquotes092.com we’ve curated 10 powerful motivational quotes in Urdu that are sure to uplift your spirits and ignite a fire within you. Let’s dive the world of Urdu quotes that speak volumes in simplicity.

Motivational Quote
“ہر مشکل کو پار کرنے کی طاقت تم میں ہے، بس خود پر یقین رکھو اور پوری حوصلہ اور جذبہ کے ساتھ کام کرو۔”

You have the power to overcome every difficulty, just believe in yourself and work with full enthusiasm and passion.
Failure is a new beginning, if it is taken along with hard work and perseverance then success is surely the destination
Always control yourself, because whoever controls himself controls the world
Every new day is a new opportunity, which should be undertaken with full passion and enthusiasm
The secret of success in every work is perseverance and faith

“خوابوں کو پانے کا راز، ہمیشہ ان کے پیچھے نہیں بھاگنا بلکہ انہیں پورا کرنے کی ہمت رکھنا ہے۔”

The secret to achieving your dreams is not always to chase them, but to have the courage to pursue them
The solution to every problem is always hidden in facing the problem
Consider failure as a new opportunity, which gives you an opportunity to learn
The most important thing for success in life is self-belief and courage to follow your dreams

Always follow your dreams, because they are not there, but the way to achieve them.

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